Case Studies


Bury Grammar School

The Challenge

Bury Grammar school used Rapid IT for all of their recycling services in order to ensure the safe disposal of redundant IT hardware in line with WEEE regulations.

The school needed to purchase 86 desktop computers to upgrade some classroom PCs. Ben Whitaker, Head of IT Services, was looking at ways to fulfil this need within tight budget restraints.

The solution

Ben was looking for a minimum specification of 7th generation i5 for use within classrooms. To make sure this specification would be fit for purpose, Rapid IT loaned the school a HP 800 G3 i5-7500, with 8GB RAM and a new SSD drive, so that they could test and make sure it was suitable for their requirements.

The computer was thoroughly tested and the school agreed that this was the exact solution they needed. The school went on to purchase 86 HP 800 G3 SFF desktops; which came in at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new machines.

What the customer thought

“I am extremely pleased with how I managed to purchase the amount of equipment within a limited budget. The PCs have proved to be very reliable and the specification is more than adequate for the students to use within the school environment.

The pre and post sales advice and all aspects of customer care have made the process very easy.”

Ben Whitaker, Head of IT Services Bury Grammar School


St Anne's Primary School

The Challenge

The school required eight new Promethean ActivPanels for their classrooms; a major investment for the Blackburn school.

The project was a major investment for the school and they had to ensure that best value was achieved and that it was delivered prior to the start of the new school year.

The solution

So as not to cause any disruption to pupils and staff, the new ActivPanel’s were installed during the summer holidays by Rapid IT’s own highly skilled installation team.

The result

Mr Brown the headteacher of St Anne’s is pleased with how the ActivPanels are being fully utilised in the, classrooms enhancing the teaching and learning experience for staff and pupils.

Daisyfield Primary School

The Challenge

Daisyfield was already using the recycling services of Rapid IT for the free disposal of redundant computers and electrical equipment.

They asked Rapid if they could assist the school in the purchase of 30 new laptops on a limited budget of £10,000. The school were also using 60 laptops that were not performing well in the classroom due to poor battery lifespan and aging hard drives. However, no additional funds were available to replace these as well.

The solution

Rapid IT proposed a solution that allowed the school to purchase 30 high spec, major brand remanufactured laptops, as well as extending the life of the 60 aging laptops by installing them with new solid state hard drives and brand new high capacity batteries. This was all achieved within budget.

If the school had chosen to purchase 90 brand new laptops of a similar spec, it would have cost them in excess of £60,000.