We’re on a mission to help provide every local child with access to home learning tech

We have launched an appeal for donations of unwanted laptops, computers or tablets in a bid to support the children of Burnley, Pendle and the Ribble Valley in their continued learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our ‘Tech 4 All Kids’ campaign will take donated devices and securely wipe and repair them before offering them to local schools who have pupils struggling to work from home due to the lack of IT equipment.

Jack Bannister, managing director, said: “Every child has a right to an education and it’s concerning to think of any pupil struggling at home to do their work because they don’t have access to a laptop or computer.

“Every day we’re hearing stories of teenagers doing coursework on mobile phones and primary school pupils having to wait their turn for the family laptop or computer while their parents and siblings split work and learning.

“Given that so many people have old technology lying around the house; in cupboards, drawers and under beds, we are calling for their help to make a difference.

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Our IT Recycling Journey

1. Collections
We will collect your IT equipment from your organisation for FREE*
2. Data destruction
Data wiping, stripping and shredding to ensure your data has gone.
3. HD Destruction
Crushing of hard drives on of off site to destroy data completely.
4. Re-use/Refurbish
Re-using and refurbishing of IT parts where possible.
5. Recycle/Disposal
Recycling and disposing of IT equipment in an ecologically friendly way.