Wi-Fi and Home Broadband

If the Wi-Fi or broadband in your home or office is not working as fast or effectively as you think it should be, contact RapidIT today. Most solutions installed by broadband suppliers are very basic, using low specification devices and components. These can degrade performance, cause security issues, and create blackspots in your home or office where connectivity is either non-existent or too slow to use.

Our connectivity team will assess your layout and requirements to determine the best possible solution. This includes the position of the router, the make and specification of the router, and any relays or boosters that might be required. We will fully test the solution we put in place, matching it with the performance promised by your broadband provider.

We can also help you select the best broadband provider in your area, combining performance, technical support, and cost.

Benefits of Our Wi-Fi and Home Broadband Services

  • Optimise the speed of your broadband
  • Seamlessly connect multiple computers, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, and more
  • Hardwire and Wi-Fi connection solutions
  • Solutions available for homes and offices in all locations and any size
  • Hidden cabling to keep the setup tidy
  • Full technical support available

Give your broadband speed a boost—call us today.