Carrying out an upgrade on your computer is a highly cost-effective way of improving its performance. This is because it is cheaper than purchasing a new, higher-specified machine, while delivering comparable results. Our technicians have experience upgrading all components on all computer makes and models.

The first step is contacting a member of our team so we can discuss the type of computer you have and what you want to upgrade. There are some restrictions depending on the components currently installed, but we can advise you of those when you call. In general, however, all computers can be upgraded in one or more of the ways below.

Upgrade Services Available

  • RAM – Increase the memory on your computer to improve performance.
  • Processor and/or motherboard – A more powerful processor and/or motherboard will make your computer run faster and more efficiently.
  • Hard disk – If you need more storage space on your computer, we can install a larger hard disk.
  • Video card – For improved video processing performance, particularly if you need to edit videos, an upgraded video card will help.
  • Network – Improve connectivity with an upgraded network card.
  • And more

Before you decide to buy a new computer, you should call us to explore the upgrade options you have on your existing machines. Call today.