PC Tuition

If you would like to learn more about using your computer, you should contact one of our experts at Rapid IT. We deliver customised PC tuition so that you can improve your skills and confidence levels. Our tuition is delivered in your home on your equipment, plus we proceed at your pace—your tutor will only move on when you are comfortable.

Our PC tuition services are ideal if you need to use a computer for work or to help your children with their homework. We can also teach you how to use the Internet and how to stay in touch with friends by email or social media, plus we will ensure you have a sufficient understanding of Internet security issues and what you should do to keep your family safe.

Tuition Available

  • Word processing, spreadsheets, and other common productivity applications
  • Internet browsing and use
  • Internet security and safety
  • Email
  • Social media – for personal and business use
  • Video calling (through Skype and other applications)
  • Basic PC maintenance
  • And more

With PC tuition, you will get through your tasks faster, plus you will learn how to do new things on a computer. The opportunities are almost limitless, so contact one of our experts today.