Your antivirus software is crucial to the smooth running of your business. It also helps to protect sensitive information, and it protects your computers from getting damaged, so saves on IT technical support resources. Rapid IT Store ensures you get the right antivirus solution, and that it is properly setup, configured, and maintained.

A Problem Solved

Antivirus solutions are usually not a day-to-day consideration for most businesses. They operate in the background, silently preventing attacks and inspecting your systems to check for infections. They usually only come to prominence in an organisation when they fail. In other words, they fail to prevent malicious software from infecting a company’s computers.

Once this situation happens it is usually too late to do anything that is proactive. Instead you have to start playing catch up, repairing the damaged equipment and cleaning everything with the malicious code. This can be costly both in terms of equipment and software. You also have to contend with downtime.

We can help you put an antivirus system in place that won’t fail like this.

We can also help if you don’t have antivirus currently running on your system. If you are in this position you should talk action quickly. Hackers and spammers can hit any organisation at any time, and antivirus software is one of the fundamental security measures that every business and organisation should use.

What We Do

We start by getting an understanding of your business in order to identify the risks you face. Understanding the severity of those risks, and the likelihood that they will happen, is also important.

With this information we will make recommendations on how you can improve your security. A major part of that is advising which antivirus package is best suited to your needs. Like most things on the internet, there is a vast range that you can choose from. We make sure you get a solution tailored for your business needs.

Once a decision is taken on the antivirus package that is best for you, we procure it for you at the best possible price, using our extensive list of contacts in the IT industry. Crucially, we then install the antivirus package and configure it.

Unfortunately, you usually don’t get the most from your antivirus application by keeping the default settings. When we configure yours it will be tailored to your specific needs. This makes it work better for your business, and improves your return on investment.

Finally, we can update your antivirus application whenever they are made available from the manufacturer. These updates are sometimes about enhancing the application’s features, or fixing a bug. Most updates, however, contain updated virus definitions. The updated definitions have the ability to combat new or altered threats from malicious software, so it is important they are applied as soon as possible. When you work with us, we do this for you.

Is it time to secure your business properly with antivirus solutions that are fit for purpose, and that are configured and maintained properly? If so, we can help – contact us today.