Managed Services

Managed services bring together four essential IT services under one umbrella - IT consultancy, IT procurement, IT installation and maintenance, and IT support and remote server monitoring. It brings a number of benefits to your business.

Spend less money

  • You will spend less money in the long run because you will have the right equipment in place with a structured recycle plan formulated to update and modernise that equipment at the right time

Less downtime

  • You will have less downtime in your organisation because your systems will be set up properly. You also get a full support package, and any repairs are completed quickly.

Stay ahead of the curve

  • When IT is deployed properly in your business it can help you make more money, rather than being simple a cost you have to minimise. Our consultancy will proactively work to make sure you are getting the most from your IT.

Anticipate problems

  • The days of hoping your systems work well and then calling in help when they don't are over when you get our managed services. We remotely and actively monitor your server, anticipating problems and taking preventative action when appropriate.

IT Consultancy

We get to know your systems, business processes, proficiency levels, IT department capacity, and business objectives to create a comprehensive strategy for your IT. This includes working out a procurement, update, and hardware recycling timeline. It also includes working out the level of support and maintenance you require, and identifying any IT training needs your organisation has. Our consultancy services are ongoing and proactive, so we constantly seek to enhance the IT capabilities in your business.

IT Procurement

When you work with us, you don't work with IT salespeople. Instead we give you the right advice based on the needs of your business. Our goal is to work with you over the long term, so we never chase the quick sale. We help you find the most efficient equipment, and proactively look for solutions that make your business better. In addition we put in place a recycle plan for your IT equipment so that it is replaced when it comes to the end of its useful life.

IT Installation And Maintenance

Once your new equipment arrives we set it up properly, ensuring everything is connected, integrated and working. We then actively maintain the equipment to keep it running as fast and effectively as possible.

IT Support And Remote Server Monitoring

The IT support services you get from us are tailored to your business. This means we can put in place arrangements to boost and support your existing IT team, or we can handle all enquiries. You can even get the service as a white label option.

In addition we offer remote server monitoring services. This active monitoring enables us to identify problems before they occur so remedial action can be taken. Our systems also raise alarms when there is a failure allowing the right people to be notified quickly, minimising downtime.

To find out more about our managed services, and to get a quote, please give us a call today.