IP Telephony

Are you tired of expensive bills from your current telephone and call provider? Many businesses are. Why, for example, does it cost more to phone a business in another country in the modern world. This is an age where communication is instant and global. Inflexibility in a phone service, and over-charging for standard business functions (like making phone calls during normal office hours!), are things of the past. Rapid IT Store can help bring your phone service into the modern age and make it ready for the future.

We make this happen in your business by implementing an IP phone service, or VOIP solution. With an IP phone service, calls are made over the internet instead of via traditional phone networks. This delivers a number of benefits:


calls range from free to cheap, depending on whom you are calling. Even those calls that do have a cost associated with them will be cheaper than what you are paying now. This includes local calls, particularly those that are made during normal business hours. Crucially, however, calling internationally is much cheaper with an IP phone service than through a traditional provider

More effective

an IP phone service is more suited to the needs of a modern business than a traditional phone setup. For example, it is easier to integrate an IP phone service into your other systems.

Future proof

the stranglehold of traditional phone service providers is weakening as more and more businesses move to IP phone solutions. By implementing this in your organisation, you are bringing it up to a modern standard which will ensure it remains flexible and adaptable into the future.

Upgrade Your Current IP Phone Service

Do you already have an IP phone service in place, but need to upgrade it? Maybe it no longer meets the needs of your business, or does not deliver the levels of quality that you expect. We can set up a modern, fit for purpose IP phone solution in your business that will deliver beyond your expectations. The technology in this area has advanced considerably in recent years, so the features, functions and quality that is available today is as good – and often better – than a traditional fixed-wire phone service.

In addition, we only work with the best IP phone service providers. This ensures you get the best possible solution, backed up, installed and maintained by a name that you trust – Rapid IT

Find Out More Today

Give us a call today to speak to one of our IP phone service consultants. They will get an understanding of your business needs, whether you are installing a VOIP solution for the first time or upgrading a system that is already in place. We will talk you through your options, and will work out a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Finally, we offer a comprehensive service which includes this initial consultancy phase but also includes installation, configuration, optimisation, maintenance, and support.

We’ll make IP phone services work for your business.

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