Disaster Recovery

Whether your business is facing a disaster situation now or you are putting in place plans to deal with a possible future event, RapidIT can help. Our services cover data backup and restoration as well as issues relating to servers and server rooms, computer hardware (desktops, laptops, networks, etc.), Internet connectivity, software applications, and more.

The fact is that disaster can strike a business in many different ways, either through natural events or by the actions of people. Such disasters severely threaten the future of your business through downtime, lost revenue, and/or loss of reputation. Putting in place proper disaster recovery plans, and then implementing those plans quickly, is the solution. After all, it is simply not possible to make an IT infrastructure 100 percent safe and secure.


  • Rapid response in disaster situations with our recovery experts
  • Comprehensive planning to cover all IT in your business, with particular emphasis placed on high-priority systems and processes
  • Cost effective – The cost of disaster recovery planning is tiny compared to the potential losses you might incur if you don’t have a strategy in place.

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