Cloud Services

Cloud hardware solutions will save your business money. They also improve the performance of your IT infrastructure, there is less downtime, and they are more flexible. The benefits of hardware cloud services are real, immediate, and tangible. This is why so many clients come to us to implement a customised solution. We can do the same for you, moving your business into the cloud and giving it an IT infrastructure that works for you today, and sets you up for the future.

How It Works

In simple terms, hardware cloud services replace the desktop boxes that are currently in place in your business. In the traditional setup, each workstation or member of your team has a computer – this includes a screen, keyboard, mouse, and desktop. With cloud computing technology, this is no longer needed.

The desktop element can be replaced by a cloud version. For the user there is no difference – they still access and interact with the equipment through a screen, keyboard and mouse, the software is the same, and the operating system and functionality is the same. Behind the scenes, however, those applications and functions are delivered to them from the cloud instead of from a desktop sitting on the floor beside their feet.

Benefits Of Hardware Cloud Services


This is the most straightforward benefit, and is one of the easiest to measure. You simply won’t need to buy as many desktop computers for your business. Depending on how many individual computers you currently have, this saving can be substantial.


The requirement for maintenance is almost eliminated when you have a cloud solution. With the traditional model, each individual computer needs maintained. This means applying updates, installing new software, carrying out repairs when it is not working properly, etc. You don’t have any of these issues with the cloud. All updates and maintenance work is done for you by expert engineers.


The reality of computers is they are usually out-of-date as soon as they are installed in your business. This is because the technology moves fast. Very quickly your “new” computer becomes old, and starts to have performance issues as the rest of technology surpasses it.

This problem is a thing of the past, however, with a cloud solution. When you eliminate the desktop, you remove anything that can become obsolete.


For some businesses, this benefit is counter-intuitive. How can a piece of equipment (a computer in the cloud) be more secure when it is outside your office? How can having less control of the equipment make it more secure?

The reality, however, is the cloud solutions we put in place in your business use enterprise level security on their services. This is because their business is based on trust, and they cannot afford a security breach. This level of security is much higher than the local security in place in most businesses.

Running hardware and software in the cloud is the future of IT. Technologies like broadband and SaaS (software as a service) make it technically possible. Rapid IT Store makes it happen for your business.

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