Business Services

Rapid IT takes the burden of managing the IT in your business so that you can get on with what is important. IT should be there to serve you and help you increase your profits and achieve your goals. Our services ensure you always have the right solution in place at the right price.

Our team of business IT experts design tailored packages to suit your specific needs. This could include cloud computing solutions, or improved security and antivirus applications.

We install and configure everything for maximum performance, and offer a range of support options so that your people get the help that they need, when they need it. We also ensure your solution is flexible and expandable so that you can deal with any eventuality in the future seamlessly and affordably.

Our Business IT Services

Managed Services

Our managed service solutions are the best way to ensure you have up-to-date software and hardware, well-maintained equipment, and future proof systems. We proactively look after your IT from managing the procurement cycle, to implementing a maintenance schedule, to providing when-required IT support.


 Virtualisation can help you save significant sums of money on hardware and software costs in your business. Our virtualisation experts can set up a solution that delivers the levels of performance that your business needs, but without all the boxes, components, and operating systems. Instead, we install a cost-effective and efficient virtual environment.

Cloud Solutions

We install cloud solutions that save your business money while offering improved levels of performance when compared to keeping and maintaining the hardware in-house.

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SageOne


Protect your computers and servers from malicious attacks with the latest antivirus solutions. We supply the software and configure it so that you get the right level of protection for your business.

Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring service immediately identifies problems with your server so that it can be restored as quickly as possible. We also limit downtime by constantly managing performance levels to discover potential issues before they occur.


Get the right software for your needs at the right price, properly installed, configured, and maintained.

IT Support Contracts

We offer tailored support contracts that cover all the IT in your business. That support can be 24/7, and can be delivered by telephone, live chat, remote access, or on site. We will provide SLA that will suit your requirements.

IP Telephony

At Rapid IT our IP phone services help you break free from traditional and expensive networks so that you can communicate more effectively and for less money. We are partners with 3CX so we can offer the very best in IP solutions.

The Rapid IT Difference

We understand the importance of IT in your business. A crashed server, an unprotected laptop, a member of staff unable to complete a task, or a solution that is out of date before your team gets to properly use it — these are some of the things that can cost your business real money.
Your IT should work, it should grow and develop with your business, and your team should be