Project Outcome

The background

Daisyfield Primary school was opened in 1971. It is a community primary school which also incorporates a nursery school.

The challenge

There has been much building work completed over recent years in order to re-develop the school, with new classrooms added and a super new garden in their EYFS area.

Daisyfield was already using the recycling services of Rapid IT for the free disposal of redundant computers and electrical equipment.

They asked Rapid if they could assist the school in the purchase of 30 new laptops on a limited budget of £10,000. The school were also using 60 laptops that were not performing well in the classroom due to poor battery lifespan and aging hard drives. However, no additional funds were available to replace these as well.

Made savings of

The solution

Rapid IT proposed a solution that allowed the school to purchase 30 high spec, major brand remanufactured laptops, as well as extending the life of the 60 aging laptops by installing them with new solid state hard drives and brand new high capacity batteries. This was all achieved within budget.

If the school had chosen to purchase 90 brand new laptops of a similar spec, it would have cost them in excess of £60,000.

“"The school was impressed with how Rapid IT managed to achieve the introduction of so many laptops into school for use by the pupils on a very limited budget.””

Daisyfield Primary school