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Netbook and tablet computing devices offer maximum portability. You can use them sitting on the sofa, on the bus, in a cafe, or anywhere else that you need to work, play, communicate, or explore. They have become increasingly popular and increasingly powerful.

They are also excellent value for money - and prices are continuing to fall. This means you can get a high specification netbook or tablet for considerably less than you would pay for a laptop or computer. Plus, you get the benefit of being able to take it anywhere. Here are some tips to help you choose what to buy.

Netbook versus Tablet

Tablets are now more popular than netbooks. This is because they are so similar to the smartphones that most of us now carry, and because they are smaller and more portable than netbooks. The leading manufacturers are therefore developing tablets that deliver amazing levels of performance.

But there are things that a netbook can do that a tablet cannot. For example, it is awkward to use the on-screen keyboard on a tablet for anything more than writing a few words. If you are doing serious work you will need the keyboard - and touch pad or trackball - that is offered in netbooks.

Netbooks also usually come with the same operating system that is on your computer so they should be easy and familiar to use. And they often have things like USB ports which are not included on most tablets.

Whether you choose a netbook or a tablet is going to come down to personal preference. A tablet is a good all-rounder that offers a huge range of apps (through the various app stores) and flexible portability, but if you need a proper keyboard you should choose a netbook.

Performance, Battery, Connectivity and Storage

The range of netbooks and tablets that you will find on will vary in specification, so there are some things that you should look out for.

Performance is crucial, so make sure you are getting enough processor speed, memory and hard disk space for your needs. Remember that these types of portable devices are physically smaller than laptops or desktop PCs, so they usually have less space for storing programmes and files. Also, make sure that you can plug in any required devices.

You should also think about how long you will need to use the device between charging. Will your netbook or tablet run out of battery before you are able to charge it up again?

Finally, make sure you get the connectivity that you need. At the very least, your netbook or tablet should have WiFi capability so that you can connect to the internet.

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