• Disaster to Success – 12 Months On

    Twelve months ago, Rapid IT & LCWS Recycling, 2 companies based on Wyre Street in Padiham were badly affected by the floods that hit many homes and businesses on Boxing Day 2015 across Lancashire. LCWS Recycling are a Computer and Electrical Recycling Company and its sister Company Rapid IT, sell refurbished Computer Equipment.

    When the River Calder burst its banks, three feet of water engulfed the p
    remises of both organisations in a matter of minutes, causing tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of damage to stock and company assets.

    A massive effort from hard working staff, family & friends assisting over the subsequent weeks, dramatically helped in an enormous clean-up operation, which allowed both Companies to reopen their buildings again in the New Year; albeit scarred by the water damage.

    Twelve months on and the difference is remarkable. There is a completely new showroom in place with enhanced car parking facilities. Customers can spend time browsing for a new computer or laptop with advice on hand from our friendly knowledgeable staff. The warehouse and workshops have undergone major refurbishments and are now fully equipped to handle the increase in demand for the services offered by both Companies. With the increase in business more staff have been recruited and the companies actively engage with an apprentice programme that gives local youngsters valuable work experience.

    The Companies are in the process of working towards various ISO accreditations and LCWS have just achieved their AATF accreditation (approved authorised treatment facility). This will allow the organisations to bid for larger contracts within different market sectors.

    Jack and David Bannister, Directors of the Companies said “the success we have achieved over the past 12 months would not have been possible without the hard work and loyalty from all members of staff. We have a fantastic team of people in place, some of whom have been with us for many years. We also had support from Burnley Council who, through Boost Lancashire, facilitated access to grants that had been made available to companies affected by the floods. This funding helped us in the immediate aftermath of the floods. We are very excited about the future and are confident that the companies will now be able to grow from strength to strength”.

  • Why, When And How To Buy A Refurbished Laptop Or Computer

    What Is A Refurbished Laptop Or Computer A refurbished computer or laptop is one that has been used before. But it is not simply sold to you in a used state. Instead it is put through a refurbishment process which typically involves changing components that are susceptible to wear and tear, erasing all programmes and data, and then reloading the operating system and some software packages. The result is a computer or laptop that may have external signs of use. It will also have slightly older components than a new computer, but internally and functionally it is as close to a new condition as it is possible to get. Why Refurbished Is Better Than New The first and main benefit of buying a refurbished laptop or computer instead of a new one is price.

    The savings that you can make are substantial - hundreds of pounds. So why doesn't everyone simply buy refurbished computers instead of new ones? Some people need their computer to carry out a specific task that requires the latest technology and performance. When they are buying a computer they are buying based on specification. Because refurbished computers are older than new computers, they do not have the latest technology that is installed in new machines. That doesn't mean you can't get high performance refurbished computers and laptops - you can.

    They will always be a step behind new computers though. Does that matter? For the vast majority of businesses the answer is absolutely not. Even an entry level refurbished computer will be able to handle normal computing tasks such as surfing the internet, using social media or word processing. If these are the sorts of things that you want to do with your computer, refurbished is perfect. You can pocket the savings, use the extra money to buy additional equipment, or buy a machine with a higher specification. Refurbished computers are also ideal if you are a startup.

    Why Refurbished Is Better Than Used But why not buy used instead of refurbished? When you buy used the computer or laptop has not been checked or tested. You will have very little comeback if anything goes wrong, and you will have to spend time erasing data and loading operating systems. With a refurbished computer this is done for you.

    Tips For Buying When you are buying a refurbished computer go for a brand name that you know. Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier who offers a warranty and good delivery options, and ask questions if required to make sure that the computer or laptop you are buying can handle what you plan to use it for.

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