If your business relies on its data connection and downtime isn’t an option, our unlimited, symmetrical networking solutions are the perfect option

Our highly-secure, fast and reliable Ethernet services are dedicated to your business, ensuring you always get the speeds you pay for. We can also connect multi-site businesses to ensure everyone has fast reliable access to central resources.

Why choose Rapid IT Networking?

Our networking solutions cater for any business, of any size. Whatever your requirements our team of experts will help you find a steadfast connection with dedicated internet access, helping you to enhance and upgrade your business communications.

From our Cisco Meraki Go offering for small to medium businesses through to a full-fibre, high-speed and dedicated fibre leased line network, rest assured that with us you’ll find the connection you need.

Ethernet First Mile

Open up a new digital world with a dedicated, managed and high speed EFM connection Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a dedicated, managed and high-speed internet connection and is perfect if you want to take complete control of your connection.

You’ll be the only ones using your network, and it could open up a whole new digital world for you and your business.

Ethernet over FTTC

Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC) bridges the gap between broadband and leased line, offering a steadfast solution without a premium pricetag.

EoFTTC uses your existing copper wires and places a dedicated Ethernet connection on top of it. Only your business will use the connection – it’s a gateway to full-fibre Ethernet for the price of broadband.

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Full Fibre Ethernet

Whatever you want out of a connection, it’s a breeze for our fibre leased line solution. Get the fastest, most secure and reliable connection with Full Fibre Ethernet.

Offering unparalleled levels of reliability and security as well as the fastest speeds around, our fibre leased line business ethernet is for those that need the very best in dedicated internet connectivity.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Free up bandwidth, increase speeds and link up your workforce with an MPLS network. MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) isn’t a type of connection, it’s a technique used to enhance your network.

Essentially, it sorts through and prioritises your data based on their service.

Ethernet Point-to-Point

Use our point-to-point network to ensure a safe, reliable and secure connection between any of your locations.

If you’ve got two office locations and want to connect them safely, securely and reliably then Ethernet Point-to-Point could be the answer. It doesn’t matter where your offices are, this speedy Ethernet connection will provide a point to point network, ensuring you can access all your data no matter which location you’re in.

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