Our Managing Director, Jack Bannister, was thrilled to collect Lancashire Business View’s Sub 36 Go Green award last week, celebrating the company’s efforts to attain carbon neutral status.

Here’s Jack words about what made Rapid IT a winner:

“I had a vision for Rapid IT to strive for carbon neutrality by 2025 and have already gone a long way into making this a reality.

“Over the past six months, we have invested £150K in a carbon led refurbishment project which could be considered risky amid uncertain times, but I saw ‘lockdown’ as a real opportunity to concentrate on leading this mammoth project and making a success.

“With each phase of the development, I recognise the value this project will bring to the business and to the environment in which we work.

“A catalyst for us was being awarded a £25,000 Chamber Low Carbon grant enabling us to forge ahead with sustainable improvements to our building.

“A survey of the premises found it to be in a poor condition and in need of substantial improvements to both the building fabric and the heating and power installations, in order to improve its environmental performance and reduce carbon emissions.

We engaged with fellow Lancashire business Edge Efficiency who advised a project to be undertaken to replace the poorly insulated roof and external wall cladding with a modern, well insulated, and air-tight cladding system, incorporating high levels of insulation.

“This would simultaneously enable us to improve the energy efficiency and internal thermal comfort conditions for our team.

As part of this work, we have installed a 30kW solar PV system, which will help provide our own on-site zero carbon power source, further reducing our carbon footprint.

From submitting my application to the interview stage, I’m proud to say we’d gone a few more steps further in our bid to become carbon neutral.

“We changed our energy supply to SSE green supply starting this month fully certified.

“I ordered and took receipt of a Golf electric car, which can be charged at work via solar.

“We are changing our heating systems to low carbon technologies and have had a full heating specification done for our building, to include air source heat pump and insulated water cylinder.

“All our lighting will be on motion sensors and day light sensors so we will only use the lighting when its needed.

“We are also moving towards an electrical forklift rather than diesel, this will be charged at weekends when its’ not being used from the solar panels, meaning we are using the solar to its full potential.

“All our electrical appliances will use smart technologies to make sure everything is turned off when we close.”

“I’m so very proud of what our team has achieved in such a short space of time and look forward to sharing further positive news about our journey in coming months.”

sub 36 award winner 2020 Jack Bannister Rapid IT