Our IT collection service makes it easy for you to get rid of unwanted IT safely.

Free Collection Assessment

Free service eligibility – We are able to offer a free recycling service to many of our clients because we generate revenue to cover our internal costs through refurbishing equipment for reuse and parts recovery.

Before we can offer you a free service, we need to assess the quality and quantity of the equipment you have for recycling. Once the form has been completed and assessed, a member of our team will contact you on your preferred contact method to discuss your options with you. They may also ask for photo’s of the equipment to assist them further.

    Please follow these 3 simple steps to give us information about the equipment you have to recycle.
    Once filled in, a member of our team will assess and contact you to discuss your options.
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    Are stairs or a lift involved?
    Are there any restrictions to the building (e.g height)?
    Is assistance available?
    Where about are the items located?
    All collections receive a Waste Transfer Note and Destruction Certificate but we can provide an asset report too. Is this something you require? (Please be aware these may come at an extra charge depending on your collection.) See examples of the paperwork included here.
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    Our IT recycling journey

    1. Collections
    We will collect your IT equipment from your organisation for FREE*
    2. Data destruction
    Data wiping, stripping and shredding to ensure your data has gone.
    3. HD destruction
    Crushing of hard drives on of off site to destroy data completely.
    4. Re-use/refurbish
    Re-using and refurbishing of IT parts where possible.
    5. Recycle/disposal
    Recycling and disposing of IT equipment in an ecologically friendly way.
    Electronics recycled in 2019
    tonne in weight
    It's Quick
    We don’t wish to cause disruption to your everyday operations, so we collect and load your equipment as quickly as possible.
    It's FREE
    Our computer recycling services are free. We will collect from anywhere in the UK and will not charge for the collection of equipment (subject to T&Cs).
    It's Eco-Friendly
    Our friendly service decreases the nation’s carbon footprint and reduces the amounts of IT equipment heading to landfill.

    Our accreditations