We can ensure the safe and confidential destruction of data, employing strict processes governed by the Data Protection Act.

Food for thought

Why do I need to destroy my data?

The most important reason for data destruction is to keep your files and folders that were stored on your device from falling into the wrong hands. Even if you think that your erasure software had been successful, simply throwing out your electronic device is a gamble, as a business, you don’t really want to take.

All our data wiping is done using Aiken Workbench Software. They are ADISA accredited, providing a level of innovation unrivalled in the industry. Aiken Workbench implements both the secure erasure procedures and certification in the most effective manner. So, you can be sure all information and data is permanently destroyed.

Our accreditations


We use specialist equipment to remove the data from your hard drive at our facility.


We strip the hard drive to its component parts ready for repair or re-use according to WEEE & RoHS regulations, and the Data Protection Act.


The parts not being reused are destroyed completely, often by shredding. We also offer hard drive crushing, find out more about this here.

We will collect your IT equipment from your organisation for FREE*

Electronics recycled in 2020
tonne in weight

Our IT recycling journey

1. Collections
We will collect your IT equipment from your organisation for FREE*
2. Data destruction
Data wiping, stripping and shredding to ensure your data has gone.
3. HD destruction
Crushing of hard drives on of off site to destroy data completely.
4. Re-use/refurbish
Re-using and refurbishing of IT parts where possible.
5. Recycle/disposal
Recycling and disposing of IT equipment in an ecologically friendly way.