Providing an enriched learning experience for your pupils

Rapid IT is playing its part in the 1:1 technology programme for schools, ensuring your staff and pupils have access to the IT they need, without risk and at zero cost to the school.

Why would you work with us on a 1:1 technology programme for your schools?

We remove any administrative burden

If you’re currently managing your own programme inhouse, it falls to you to chase payments, handle marketing to parents and order the right devices.

It’s just another administrative burden on your busy schedule. Working with Rapid IT takes away this headache.

We will manage your 1:1 programme end-to-end, handling everything from promoting the programme to parents, to chasing late payments.

Donation vs contribution

Some 1:1 programmes work on a donation model, which can present challenges with HMRC compliance, as well as leaving your establishment exposed should the parent stop making payments. We offer a HMRC compliant contribution model, providing all the benefits of a donation model, with full insurance wrap to completely protect you in the event of non-payment.


It’s important that your 1:1 programme is as inclusive as possible – nobody wants any pupil to be left out. We will support each and every student in getting access to a device.

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Technology to suit

Whatever your device preference, whether Chrome, Microsoft Surface or another, we can help. We work with the industry’s leading manufacturers to deliver our 1:1 technology programmes, in order to get you the devices you need.


We understand the concerns of security with pupils and staff working from home, which is why we ensure your devices are fully compliant with the latest data protection legislation.

Benefits of using the 1:1 technology programme

Benefits for pupils

  • Use of the latest technology at an affordable price
  • Ease of home schooling
  • Secure and protected platforms
  • Enhanced learning experience
  • Easy, spread out payment for parents

Benefits for the school

  • No cost to the school
  • Providing pupils with access to the latest technology
  • Better learning outcomes
  • 100% handled by us, so no extra workload
  • Improved pupil performance

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